Skill Training

Skill Development Program To Women

Skill development has been considered one of the critical aspects for job creation in India. The skill development training in India is made compulsory to enhance all-round expertise of the people. They need proper guidance and training initiatives to develop Communication, technological know-how, etc. This can only be possible if they get enough opportunities to grow and develop through skill development trainings.

Computer Education

RET provides free computer education to young ladies who are affected by Domestic violence to enhance their employability.

RET computer Education center has been conducting educational program to the poor women who are affected by domestic violence, on free of cost since 2017.
Dr. Mrs. Neela Grace has been serving as Coordinator/computer teacher with no honorarium/ salary. The women who attend the program used to share their domestic problems and seek guidance and advices.We have proposed to send application to government of Tamil Nadu for seeking approval so that the trainees can get certificates which would certainly help them to discover Jobs in both private and public sectors. We are glad to state that a few are employed in Textile centers, schools and medical shops.