CEMS About Us

About Us

CEMS is a unit of RAALKAM Educational Trust. The founder Director and managing trustee is Rev. Dr. Viji Thamby Solomon. He worked around 35 years in various non profit organizations dedicated for poverty alleviation and social justice at the managerial level and had rich experience in Development sector.

CEMS is a Non profit, Non political, and Non governmental agency engaged in building awareness about Ecological challenges and exploring participatory solution among the public especially with the religious groups.

  • Our Vision

    Caring for God’s creation to promote human development and sustainable communities in witness to Christian faith.




  • Our Mission

    Conscientizing faith communities on Environmental challenges through praxis oriented Environmental Educational materials and equip them to address the issues.




  • Values

    We care passionately for God’s creation, Eco-justice.

    We recognize the need for balancing Economic development and Environmental protection.

    We work co-operatively with like minded folks who care for the Environment/creation.

    we discover what it means to care for God’s creation in prayer, worship, Scripture teaching and conversation.

    We put care into action individually, locally, nationally and globally.

What We Stand for

The Bible teaches the wholeness of creation and calls human beings to take care of the Garden of Eden (Gen 2:5). The God of justice protects, loves and care for the most vulnerable among the creatures.

Both the Bible and Religious/Christian culture and tradition in India have vital and profound insights into care of God’s creation. Approaching environmental issues through Christian ‘lenses’ offers valuable ethical and spiritual dimensions that may contribute to environmental work both within and outside the church. It is also an approach filled with hope. . Without minimizing the gravity, scale or urgency of environmental issues, the starting point for caring for the Earth for Christians is as a proper response to a loving, creating God. Caring for creation is a key Christian task.

Christians care for the environment and the Earth needs to be rooted in a consideration of the Biblical heritage,

CEMS is therefore keen on conscientizing the Faith bodies on Environmental concerns, Biodiversity ,Climate change, Eco crisis, Eco ethics ,Eco justice and develop their own Environmental programs, based on their core teachings, beliefs and practices. scriptures, (Bible, Quran and Bagavath Geetha)

Major objectives

  • To undertake, promote and coordinate research pertaining to Environmental concerns with special reference to Tamil Nadu.
  • To prepare and publish model books, supplementary awareness Educational materials relating to pollutions, climate change, preservation of Nature on the basis of Holy scripture.(Bible, Quran, Bhagavath Geetha).
  • To organize Conferences, Seminars, workshops, training, to the church workers, Domestic missionaries on environmental issues in Tamil Nadu and the country at large.
  • To network with top level Religious bodies, NGOs and Educational Institutions.
  • To foster Eco- friendly congregation/community and equip them to realize their role not only as stewards, but also as partners of God’s creation and address all ecologically sensitive issues from faith perspectives.

CEMS also serves as a common platform for thought and action and as such it brings together the churches and sister faith organizations on the foundation of Ecology and Gods creation.

  About trustees

   Name and address of trustees

  1. Rev. Dr. Viji Thamby Solomon,
    Scott Nagar West,
    Nagercoil -629003.

  2. Mrs. R. Mabel Pushpam,
    328B3, Pandian Nagar,
    Melur -625106.

  3. Rev. Dr. Ebi Samuel,
    9/21, Shanmuga Rayan Street,
    Chennai – 600 007

  4. Dr.S.Gnana mony
    S/o Thiru.Swamidhas
    23A/10A, Scott Nager
    Kanyakumari district,Tamil Nadu

    S/o Thiru.Chellappan
    18-65/2, Royal cottage,
    Chetti vilai, North Kallukoottam
    Kanyakumari District,
    Tamil Nadu-629802