Emergence of CEMS

Religious communities are obliged to love the world and care for it because of God’s movement and creation and God’s tender care for all created life. The well being of the world and its entire people are ought to be the religions' first consideration. Prophets see the vision of Shalom as the fullness of creation where harmony is characteristic mode of existence. All religions believe the ideas that God is the source of all life, creation is good and human beings are connected to earth. God is concerned about all creatures strongly suggest that religious people are to value and respect the earth and its many forms of life. For God so loved the world that gives the only son (John 3:16).

Jesus spends valuable time in creation - Transfiguration takes place in Mountain (Mathew 17:19). Romans 8:18-23 describes creation as yearning for its redemption in Christ, just as people. Our Lord Himself was very close to earth-asking us to learn from birds of the earth and the lilies of earth. Hence it is evident that Christ followers have close relationship with God’s creation. Unfortunately the Church and sister faith organizations do not care teaching people about the factors responsible for the famine, drought, lack of drinking water etc., though the Holy Bible contains adequate materials to emphasis the care of creation and preservation of Nature etc. Church in general doesn’t seem to evince interest in building awareness on Ecological concerns. Further comprehensive Environment Educational material to Children, youth, women’s & men’s fellowship of religious Institutions is scarce. Hence the need for establishment of CEMS.

Thrust Areas

  • Environmental Education program for Children of religious organizations
  • Nature Conservation in the Holy Scriptures
  • Environmental Education to Church women, men, youth Fellowships
  • Energy creation and Environmental damages
  • Pollutions (Water, Land, Air)
  • Deforestation
  • The nexus of Development and Eco crisis
  • Climate Change, Eco crisis, Eco -Ethics, Eco justice
  • Ecological Sustainability